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History of the Theophilus/Thio family.
History/summary of the children of the Theophilus(Thio)-family.
Several stories of the Theophilus(Thio)-children during their childhood.
The Theophilus(Thio)family-relation presented in an overview.
The Theophilus(Thio)family-reunion held at Virginia beach june 2010.
The Visser- and Visser-Theophilus family-relation presented in an overview. Added onto a Van der Waal family-relation overview.
The story of the Visser-family presented with some images.
History of the children of the Visser-family.
Impressions of activities in our vegetable garden and our greenhouse.
Impressions towing our caravan, staying on a campingside and visiting places all over Europe.

                                                                                     On this website you'll find a lot of interesting information about:

                          - the Theophilus family:
                    summary of history - children -
                    siblinghood - family-tree

                   - the Visser-family:
               history summary - children - family-trees
                         - Gardening:
                   We have a vegetable garden and we love to grow
                   vegetables - tomatoes - berries - prunes - strawberries

                   -  Caravaning:
                We use our caravan to travel through Europe
                and visit interesting places/areas

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